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Anhui Xin Tao new material science and Technology Co., Ltd. is to be identified as a high-tech enterprise

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According to the "high-tech enterprise management approach" (National Science at 2016 No. 32) and "the management of high-tech enterprises guidelines" (National Science at 2016 No. 195) the relevant provisions of the declaration by enterprises, municipalities recommended, province high-tech enterprise management work leading group office organized experts to review procedures Anhui, the new Tao new Mstar Technology Ltd became the first batch of high-tech enterprises to be identified.
Over the years, Anhui suntol new Mstar Technology Ltd from the international development strategy, relying on strong scientific research strength, combined with advanced information technology and industrial development, has developed calcium carbonate with calcium carbonate and active precipitation industrial plastic industry of high-tech products, patents, obtained good social and economic benefits thus, the transformation from the traditional enterprise to the development of high tech enterprises.



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