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Anhui Provincial Committee of the Commission of information and Xuancheng commission to visit our company's tour guide

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In the middle of June 2015, the Anhui Ministry of Information Commission and Xuancheng Municipal Commission of Information Commission visited our company's guidance in the middle of June 2015, and put forward valuable opinions for all the work of our company. Anhui new Tao new Mstar Technology Ltd starts as the middle and high-end products, and takes the road of combining production, learning and research. Currently has an annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons, annual sales of more than 50 million yuan, in the middle and high-end product pattern, and has made the famous trademark in Anhui province and the advantages of high-tech products, but according to the needs of the market, Anhui suntol new Mstar Technology Ltd still think should be the focus of investment and layout in the field of high-end products.
The new Tao company thanks the leadership of the Commission for the care of the committee, and also wishes the new Tao company to do better under the guidance of Li Tao, the general manager.



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