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Within 1 and 200 orders: it can be used for all kinds of feed additives containing more than 55.6 calcium without harmful ingredients.
2, 250 mesh to 300 mesh: as the plastic factory, rubber factory, paint factory, waterproof material factory of raw materials and exterior wall paint. The whiteness is above 85 degrees.
3, 350 mesh to 400 mesh is used in the manufacturing of gusset plate, water pipe, chemical. The whiteness is above 93 degrees.
4, 400 mesh to 600 mesh can be used for toothpaste, soap. The whiteness is above 94 degrees
5, 800 orders: used in rubber, plastic, cable, PVC whiteness above 94 degrees
6, 1250: PVC, PE, paint, paint products, paper coating, paper surface coating, whiteness above 95 degrees. It has high purity, high whiteness, nontoxic, odorless, low oil quality and low hardness.
7, calcium carbonate can be used as a calcium supplement: the absorption rate can reach 39%, after the acid soluble calcium acid, has become the most used forms most calcium supplements.
8, in the laboratory can also be used for the production of carbon dioxide.



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