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est method for active calcium carbonate (CaCO3)

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At present, CaCO3 particles are widely used in many other chemical industries, such as polyester, plastic, papermaking, etc. because of their good filling properties, and have been widely used. According to the different processing technology and application situation, it can be divided into surface modified and unmodified CaCO3. The surface modified CaCO3 particles tend to form a stable and uniform dispersion state in the distilled water, and the particle size can be measured directly by the laser particle size analyzer. But the surface unmodified CaCO3 is not. 
Test conclusions:
1. The modified CaCO3 has strong hydrophobicity, so it can not be tested under the condition of non dispersing agent.
2, due to the addition of surfactant reduces the surface tension of water, with alcohol as the dispersion medium have similar test results. Two of the methods are available.
3, due to the addition of surfactant foaming effect of the test results, so using water as medium for static test, and the use of alcohol as the dispersion medium, both static and dynamic.



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