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The function and use of light calcium carbonate

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 Light calcium carbonate, also known as precipitated calcium carbonate, light calcium, limestone and other raw materials will burn some produce lime and carbon dioxide, and water digestion lime lime (mainly calcium hydroxide), the carbide lime milk to produce calcium carbonate by carbon dioxide precipitation, dewatering, drying and pulverizing system. Or the complex decomposition of calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate to produce calcium carbonate precipitates by dehydration, drying and comminution. The settlement volume of light calcium carbonate is 2.4-2.8mL/g. Ordinary light calcium granules were fully dispersed in the elliptical shape under the condition of long distance is about 5 ~ 12 m, the short diameter of 1 ~ 3 m, the average powder diameter of 2 ~ 3 m. But because of the late after surface treatment, the light generated and dehydrated, dried, usually a number of particles together to form like grape cluster aggregates, therefore the national standard quality requirements of PCC is only from 125 m and 45 m screenings to judge, and not directly reflect the true size the size and distribution.

 (PCC) the effect of light calcium carbonate
Light size ratio of calcium carbonate, the oil absorption ratio of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate and high price ratio. They are usually used as fillers in latex paint, and they are best used. In the light of settlement is better, but the oil amount is greater than the TSP, prices are generally more expensive than tsp.
Usually used as a filler, widely used in rubber, plastic, artificial brick, papermaking, coating, paint, ink, cable, building supplies, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industry, used as a filler to increase the volume of products, reduce production costs.
The function and use of light calcium carbonate
Light calcium carbonate has a wide range of functions and uses, which can be used in the following industries:
Rubber industry: calcium carbonate is used in rubber industry as one of the largest amount of high filler, a large number of calcium carbonate filled in rubber, can increase the volume of products, so as to save expensive natural rubber to achieve the purpose of reducing cost, calcium carbonate filled rubber can obtain tensile strength, abrasion resistance, tear strength higher than pure rubber sulfide, and natural rubber and synthetic rubber are strengthened, and can adjust the consistency.
Plastic industry: calcium carbonate plays a skeleton role in plastic products, plays a great role in the stability of plastic products, improves the hardness of products, and improves the surface gloss and surface smoothness of products. Adding heat to calcium carbonate in general plastic products can be improved. Due to the whiteness of calcium carbonate is above 90%, it can also replace expensive white pigment to play a certain role of whitening.
Paint industry: calcium carbonate in the paint industry in a large amount, is indispensable in the skeleton, thick paint in the amount of more than 30% phenolic enamel 4-7% phenolic fine pattern wrinkles paint more than 39%.
Waterborne coatings industry: the application in the water-based coatings industry is more extensive, and it can make the coatings without sedimentation, easy dispersing and gloss. The amount of waterborne coatings is 20-60%.
In addition, calcium carbonate plays an important role in the paper industry to ensure the strength, whiteness and low cost of paper. It can play a certain role in insulation in the cable industry.



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