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Engineering plastics are strong in the next 5 years

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 According to a report recently released by Frost&Sullivan consulting, it is estimated that by 2013, the annual growth rate of China's engineering plastics market will reach 10.2%, and the annual demand will be close to 3 million tons. Sales grew slightly faster, with an average annual growth rate of 11.2% in the next 5 years, with sales of about $11 billion 560 million in 2013. The main driving factors include the robust development of the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, as well as improvements in technology and applications. The report also points out that low production costs in China will stimulate investment in engineering plastic production. The report also predicts the prospects for the development of different kinds of resins for the next 5 years.
In the next 5 years, the nylon market will recover more than 16% of the high growth, thus ending the slowdown in 2006. But the report points out that the price and profit of nylon are shrinking. The use of recycled nylon, metal and other polymer alternative materials has a certain impact on its development.
The polycarbonate market has been declining since 2005, mainly because of a sharp rise in prices. Customers change the way down to the bottom, choose to buy according to the actual demand. The report also listed the lack of China's core technology for DVD production as a prominent market constraint. In the next few years, the annual growth of the polycarbonate market is likely to reach 9%, and the annual growth of sales will be 10%.

The sales of POM in 2006 were negative growth, although their production remained positive, the price slightly fell. The report predicts that the market will grow at a rate of 5% to 10% a year in the coming period.
The rapid development of the automobile industry has promoted the strong growth of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), with nearly 10% growth in production and sales.
The high profit polyphenyl ether Market is attracting more enterprises to enter the market, including Chinese local enterprises and multinational companies. By 2013, the annual growth of the market is expected to remain at 10.7%.
The report also emphasizes the imbalance in the market share of local and transnational suppliers in China. In China, there are more than half of the sales of engineering plastics from large multinational giants, such as SABIC innovative plastics (formerly GE plastics), DuPont, Polyplastics, MITSUBISHI engineering plastics, Bayer, BASF, Asahi and Teijin, fierce competition in the market.



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